When performing work or doing business with your company (also as a self-employed person), sooner or later you will come into contact with all kinds of legal issues. In order to rule out the risks in advance from a legal point of view as much as possible, BLA Legal helps you draw up or assess all kinds of contracts, order confirmations, general terms and conditions and quotations. Good advice or a contract reduces the risk of legal and financial conflicts.

Do you already have or is there a threat of a legal conflict or is your invoice not being paid? BLA Legal usually resolves these issues through negotiation. If the parties do not agree on a solution after consultation, you can submit the dispute to the court. BLA Legal will assist you during this procedure. You can also rely on BLA Legal’s legal assistance if you have been summoned by another party.

BLA Legal advises, litigated, and contracts in the following jurisdictions:

  • Contract law
  • Collection
  • Corporate law
  • Tenancy law
  • Labor law

Contract law

A good contract clearly and unambiguously reflects the specific agreements with your customer or supplier. BLA Legal checks all your contracts or draws up new contracts for you.

BLA Legal can negotiate, draft and assess various contracts for you, such as:

  • self-employed persons agreements;
  • assignment agreements;
  • Terms and Conditions;
  • purchase agreements;
  • money loan agreements


Do you suffer from bad paying debtors that cost you a lot of time, money and energy, which you would rather spend on your core business? BLA Legal is happy to collect your claims for you. Fast and thorough. And in a way tailored to your wishes!

BLA Legal does not randomly send reminders. BLA Legal examines each outstanding invoice separately in order to determine the strategy. This way you can opt for a friendly yet compelling approach, which is open to payment arrangements and is aimed at maintaining a good business relationship with your debtors. But also for a strict approach with strong language and direct hard measures. And everything in between.

Take action on time, because the longer an invoice remains, the greater the chance that it will not be paid.

Corporate law

Do you have a business or want to start a business? It starts with the legal form of your company. BLA Legal advises you on questions such as: Do I still have the right legal form? How can I register a B.V. found?

BLA Legal offers you, among others, the following services in the field of corporate law:

  • advice on the legal form of your company, takeovers and collaborations;
  • assistance with the establishment and termination of private limited companies;
  • advising on mutual relationships within BVs and between shareholders;
  • advice and guidance on company takeovers (assets-liabilities transactions and share takeovers);
  • drafting and reviewing various contracts such as shareholder agreements, management agreements and v.o.f. contracts;

Tenancy law

Are you renting or letting an office, shop, storage or house? There are different rules for each premises. BLA Legal can, among other things, advise and assist you with:

  • drawing up and reviewing rental and lease agreements for both landlords and tenants;
  • terminating rental agreements and evictions;
  • maintenance and defects in or to the rented property;
  • contract takeovers and substitutions;
  • rent disputes and rent adjustment;
  • sublease;

Labor law

You can contact BLA Legal with, among other things, the following questions in the field of employment law:

  • drafting and reviewing agreements such as employment contracts, agreements with freelancers, personnel regulations, non-solicitation and non-competition clauses;
  • dismissal;
  • assessing, drawing up and negotiating a settlement agreement;
  • illness, disability and reintegration;
  • Collective Labor Agreement issues;

BLA Legal is a trade name of Klein Administraties B.V. and is the partner within the BLA Group that can arrange your collection and legal affairs for you.

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