Subsidies in 2023

Subsidies in 2023

Zorgtoeslag (health insurance allowance)

What is zorgtoeslag?

Zorgtoeslag is a support that can be requested from the tax authority. It can only be claimed by those who have Dutch health insurance. It is not automatically granted upon obtaining insurance, but it needs to be applied for. The amount of support one is eligible for depends on their income. Therefore, it is not tied to the insurance package or the number of doctor visits, but solely to the income for those full months when insurance was held!

How much support is provided? Please review the diagram below (horizontal numbers represent income, and the columns indicate the amount of support available based on income):

For singles


For couples:

Rent subsidy (Bérleti díj támogatás)

It is a support that can be requested from the tax authority (Belastingdienst) and is dependent on the income level. Only those whose name is on the rental agreement and who are registered as residents in the apartment can apply for it. The tax authority takes into account the income of all individuals living together (at the same address) with the tenant when determining the amount of support. For singles, the annual income must not exceed 33,748 euros, while for cohabiting individuals, it must not exceed 67,496 euros (but the income per person should not exceed 33,748 euros). The rent (excluding utilities) cannot exceed 808.06 euros, and for individuals under the age of 23, it is 452.20 euros.

If you would like to apply for the subsidy for the year 2023, please contact us by phone or email.

Please note that applications for the 2023 subsidies can be submitted until August 2024!

This information leaflet has been prepared without claiming completeness. For inquiries about the subsidies you are entitled to, please contact our office.