I am looking for an accountant for my new business


For small or large bookkeeping: we are happy to assist you! Several collaboration scenarios are possible to meet your needs. You can leave your entire administration to us; from booking invoices to taking care of all tax returns. You can also choose to arrange part of your accounting yourself and have us do the final inspection and tax returns. We mainly work digitally. All your invoices and receipts will appear in your online accounting system and can be found there. With a bank link it is even possible to keep your administration up-to-date on a daily basis. Contact us for a proposal that meets all your needs. As you will see, everything is possible. Why not contact us to arrange […]

Outsourcing payroll administration of my employees

Payroll Administration

BLA Groep: for when you want to have your payroll administration in proper order Keeping your payroll records in order is no easy task. The applicable legislation and regulations change frequently and you want to pay your staff what they are due, but of course in a way that benefits your company the most. So why not allow us to take over your payroll administration? It is what we specialise in – and have done for over 40 years – and we keep a close eye on developments in legislation and regulations that apply to payroll administration. We endeavour to be efficient, flexible and entirely reliable in our work and we also welcome your input in finding the best solutions […]


When performing work or doing business with your company (also as a self-employed person), sooner or later you will come into contact with all kinds of legal issues. In order to rule out the risks in advance from a legal point of view as much as possible, BLA Legal helps you draw up or assess all kinds of contracts, order confirmations, general terms and conditions and quotations. Good advice or a contract reduces the risk of legal and financial conflicts. Do you already have or is there a threat of a legal conflict or is your invoice not being paid? BLA Legal usually resolves these issues through negotiation. If the parties do not agree on a solution after consultation, you […]